First Annual Love of the Land Rendezvous

Pipestone Minnesota’s first annual rendezvous was held on July 25 and 26. The event marks the beginning of a new and hopefully prosperous era for Pipestone tourism. While not tremendous in size, this rendezvous was very well attended for a first year event and many who set up camp said that they would love to come again. In fact, positive compliments abounded from both the participants and the tourists who came to view this event in conjunction with the Keeper’s powwow.

Rob Carlson, of Fort Pipestone, mentioned that the Fort had experienced a “Hiawatha Pageant Day” in business traffic and sales.

Hiawatha Pageant days have been a long standing staple in the area’s summer commerce. Especially for businesses like Fort Pipestone since the Song of Hiawatha drew in such great numbers. It was disheartening to see that tradition end last summer but, from its ashes has grown a new and more interactive event. And, the people did come; some all the way from Germany and Australia but, no matter where they came from, all were curious and seemed interested.

The only piece left to fall now according to Greg Paine, a long time rendezvous participant, is for everyone to tell their friends about it, tell their friends to pass it on and get the word out to everyone. This feat will be aided greatly by a write up in the Powder Horn News, the newspaper for all things rendezvous.

The weekend overall was great. The people were friendly and the weather cooperated but through it all there is always one bad thing about such good weekends. That is that they must come to an end and we must put our buckskins away in favor of our usual attire, at least until next time.

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